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Michelle is always searching for the latest great deals and coupons. When she finds a good deal, she stocks up on savings. With three kids, Michelle is always looking to stretch her dollar in this recession. She’s also that friend of yours that seems to always be the first one to know about an exciting sale, free stuff,  or when your favorite things go on clearance.  She’s so coupon savvy that she can’t help but share them all with her friends on


Jen knows fine dining is pricey, so she cooks a lot of her own gourmet meals at home. When Jen finds a restaurant coupon or knows about a dining special, she’s there. At the grocery store, she has a menu of grocery coupons to choose from and has a budget friendly meal plan for the week she can indulge in. With all the money she saves she loves to have fun shopping for shoes!




Heather is a stay at home mother of 6! She has been a professional savvy shopper for the past two years and has tried everything from entering contests, sweepstakes, coupon clipping and is always finding the best free samples out there.



Ashley loves a great deal – and no deal beats a free one! A part time student, sales assistant, marketing intern and freelance writer, this girl loves to find contests and giveaways for great freebies like iPads and giftcards for her favorite brands.






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